Get Yourself More Rosemary Plants

You need this in both the literal and figurative sense.

Photo by J Williams on Unsplash

In the spring of 2020, so many people began buying seeds that seed companies had a difficult time keeping up with demand. Many people started a garden for the first time for reasons ranging from worrying about food security to looking for a hobby to take up in their newly freed time.

I was one of those people. I thought that I was gardening for fun. I didn’t expect it to begin giving me life lessons.

In my case, my husband and I had just bought our first house, and I was eager to make the gardening dreams that I had been saving on Pinterest for years come to life. I picked up a few starts from a local gardening store: marigolds, cucumbers, eggplant, squash, and rosemary. My first-time attempts at gardening looked nothing like the beautiful images that I had been admiring.

It turns out that gardening is a talent that requires time to acquire.

However, I still enjoyed the excitement of going to look at my plants each morning, examining how they had changed from the previous day and looking for any ripe vegetables that might be ready. I made sure to water my plants daily. I mixed in a little fertilizer according to the information that I had. I even moved some of my potted plants to different areas to get better sunlight when they seemed to be floundering a little.

I won’t say that I was perfect in my attentions, but I babied those cucumbers, eggplants, and squash. The eggplants took a while but once those little purple fruits started forming, I had plenty to spare. The squash did decently until they somehow developed powdery mildew. Unfortunately, the cucumbers didn’t give me even a single fully-developed cuke. My dreams of pickles would have to wait for another year. I tried though.

Summer turns to fall

While it is possible to garden in the fall, I wasn’t quite up for that during my first year. It was a little sad to see my vegetables begin to fade away as the days got shorter and the weather turned. However, because rosemary is a perennial in my zone, the herb that I had added to breads and soups over the summer continued pulling right along.

The tiny rosemary bush went into a container when I first got it in the spring. It grew over the summer, but not at the same rate that the other plants were growing. I made sure that it stayed watered during the heat, but I didn’t check it constantly. There are no notes about the rosemary in my garden journal other than the date that it was bought and the variety.

I am a little ashamed to say that I have mostly neglected the rosemary during the fall and winter. I moved it to get better sunlight, but I rarely ever check on it. I’ve found the container knocked over at least once. At this precise moment, the rosemary is an inch deep in snow.

Unlike my temperamental summer vegetables, the rosemary doesn’t seem to care at all. I’m not actually harvesting any rosemary over the winter because it won’t grow like it does during the summer. It’s still nice to know that even though I haven’t done anything to take care of it, my rosemary will happily continue to produce for me once the weather warms up again. I might potentially need to prune it some, but it won’t require the intensive care that I’ll be lavishing on the summer vegetables again soon.

In my climate, rosemary is an almost perfect plant. Minimal effort, maximum results.

Finding your rosemary

If you live in a climate where rosemary cannot withstand the winter, you might be wondering why finding your own rosemary applies. Chances are that there are plants that you can grow where you are that also require a minimal amount of effort for great returns. There is absolutely a place in your garden for plants that require more care, but it is nice to have plants that you know you don’t have to worry over.

You can also find figurative rosemary in your actual life. Things that aren’t fussy but have an impact. Those things won’t look the same for everyone.

Here’s a few of mine

  • Sticking a sweet potato in the oven, adding toppings, and having a great meal with almost no extra dishes to clean
  • Buying the largest count of trash bags available so that I don’t have to buy them as often
  • Removing social media from my phone in order to encourage me to read an ebook instead

I’m probably now going to become one of those people who talks obsessively about their garden. But, I think want to be one of those people. I can’t wait to see what new things happen this season.

Lover of books, adventures, friends, dancing, muffins, France, camp fires, and Ole Miss. And, I teach.

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