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How I’m dealing with all my feelings and how I’m moving forward

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What pop culture’s favourite reader would have on her TBR today

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Comprised entirely of my personal opinions

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Welcome down the Youtube rabbit hole that is balcony gardens

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  1. I was renting so I thought that I didn’t have enough space.
  2. The one time my mom brought over lettuce in containers for me to grow, I proceeded to not water them until they died.

How the book (not the movie) soothed my pandemic anxieties

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For when you want to be the kind of person who reads more

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Dive into the world of Boy Meets World, The Babysitters Club, and Beanie Babies

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Why do we expect ourselves to bloom in the middle of winter?

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Elizabeth Demolat

Lover of books, adventures, friends, dancing, muffins, France, camp fires, and Ole Miss. And, I teach.

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