How I’m dealing with all my feelings and how I’m moving forward

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Last year, I had plans to do a big celebration for my 30th birthday. I was in the first stages of planning a 13 Going on 30 style sleepover when everything in the U.S. shut down “for two weeks.” I put my plans on hold telling myself that I’d have the party I wanted the following year.

Now, we’re only a couple of days away from my birthday again, and I’m still not any closer to having the kind of celebration that I planned.

I know that I’m not alone. At this point, everyone has had to alter plans that…

What pop culture’s favourite reader would have on her TBR today

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Along with Hermoine and Belle, Rory Gilmore is one of the most-loved fictional characters obsessed with reading. Rory constantly has a book nearby, and even when she isn’t reading, someone else on Gilmore Girls is probably referencing a book. The original show mentioned over 300 books in its 7 seasons. That number climbed up above 400 when A Year in the Life was released in 2016.

These books ranged from classics like Shakespeare to today’s current bestsellers like The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. …

Comprised entirely of my personal opinions

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One of my favorite parts of living in a city is that I have access to more bookstores than I did in the past. Bookstores are absolutely necessary for my happiness. Of course, I order books online sometimes and I borrow a ton of books from the library, but I also need physical bookstores around.

Taking a look through Nashville Scene’s Best of Nashville list inspired me to create my own list of the best bookstores in Nashville. My ranking is probably not based on the same criteria that Nashville Scene used, but I enjoyed making the list. …

Welcome down the Youtube rabbit hole that is balcony gardens

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For years, I dreamed about having a garden. There were just two problems.

  1. I was renting so I thought that I didn’t have enough space.
  2. The one time my mom brought over lettuce in containers for me to grow, I proceeded to not water them until they died.

During this time, I still thought that I would have a garden one day. My Pinterest boards feature highly ambitious outdoor spaces that include structures like chicken coops and greenhouses.

Last year, we bought our first house. In a city. While we are not living in an apartment, our neighbors are close…

How the book (not the movie) soothed my pandemic anxieties

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In 2011, I added Under The Tuscan Sun to my want-to-read list on Goodreads.

I no longer remember exactly what drew me to the title. I was studying abroad in France at the time, so maybe I wanted to read it to get a sense of someone else’s experience at the time. Or maybe a friend raved to me about the movie, so despite not having seen the movie, I added the book to my list.

Whatever the reason, I didn’t even pick up the book until 7 years later in 2018. Reading through the first half of the book…

For when you want to be the kind of person who reads more

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Clearly, if you’re reading this then you’re not entirely opposed to reading. So let’s assume that even though your idea of a perfect night isn’t sitting down with a book for hours, you still want to be the kind of person who reads more.

I am an avid reader. As I am writing this, I have a stack of 17 books on my desk that my heart is convinced I will be able to read this month (my head is less certain but not willing to tell my heart no).

So imagine my surprise, when I somehow married a person…

Does Matt Haig’s The Midnight Library live up to the hype?

In the library between life and death, Nora gets a chance to try out lives where she changes choices that she regrets making.

You may think that the plot would be predictable, especially if you’ve seen It’s a Wonderful Life (and you probably have), but somehow Matt Haig has created a story that leads you down routes that you didn’t expect.

A large part of the book’s resonance is the way that it causes you to reflect on your own life. Not to be hyperbolic and suggest that The…

Dive into the world of Boy Meets World, The Babysitters Club, and Beanie Babies

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The days of opening a Capri Sun and diving into The New Adventures of Mary Kate and Ashley may be behind you, but there are plenty of books to help you dive into that 90s nostalgia for a while again.

These are not the books that you actually read during the 90s. Instead, they feature the cultural phenomenons that you remember from those days (and plenty of things that you might have forgotten about, too).

Normally, This Would Be Cause for Concern, by Danielle Fishel

It would be impossible not to jump at the chance to get to know more about the actress best known for her role as Topanga…

Why do we expect ourselves to bloom in the middle of winter?

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Excluding evergreens and a few hardy plants that can withstand the cold, we don’t expect to see much green in nature during winter. There may be a few straggly patches of grass trying to hold on, but that’s about it.

We aren’t worried about the fact that almost nothing is blooming during the cold winter months. We expect for there to be a period of the year when trees lose their leaves and plants die back. We don’t begin to worry that there is something wrong each year as autumn comes and nature begins to lose some of its shine.

It’s time to move past your high school English class.

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If the last time that you read a classic novel left you scarred from trying to pull symbolism from the pages of an almost unreadable book, then it’s understandable that you might think you don’t enjoy classics. A classic book isn’t necessarily just a novel that was written a long time ago or a novel that is impossible to comprehend. Instead, a classic is a book that readers continue to decide is worth reading throughout the years.

Yes, those books do tend to be older because there is no way…

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