It’s time to move past your high school English class.

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If the last time that you read a classic novel left you scarred from trying to pull symbolism from the pages of an almost unreadable book, then it’s understandable that you might think you don’t enjoy classics. A classic book isn’t necessarily just a novel that was written a long time ago or a novel that is impossible to comprehend. Instead, a classic is a book that readers continue to decide is worth reading throughout the years.

Yes, those books do tend to be older because there is no way…

You need this in both the literal and figurative sense.

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“I like gardening — it’s a place where I find myself when I need to lose myself.” — Alice Sebold

In the spring of 2020, so many people began buying seeds that seed companies had a difficult time keeping up with demand. Many people started a garden for the first time for reasons ranging from worrying about food security to looking for a hobby to take up in their newly freed time.

I was one of those people. I thought that I was gardening for fun. I didn’t expect it to begin giving me life lessons.

In my case, my…

Plus, you could save a few dollars every month

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Have you ever thought that you’d like to live a more sustainable lifestyle but it seems way too expensive? Maybe you’d love to buy all of your clothes from brands that source responsibly but there’s no way your entire closet can consist of clothes with $100+ price tags. Sometimes it seems like green living is only for those who can afford it. However, despite what you might think, there are some eco-friendly choices that are just as good for your wallet as they are for the world.

Buy second-hand items when possible.

High-quality sustainable goods can be expensive. The parts and labor that go into…

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When I was a sophomore in college, I decided to enroll in a ballet class that my school offered. The class was made up of a mix of theater majors, students who wanted to audition for professional dance teams, and a few girls who were there just for fun. As a 19-year-old taking ballet for the first time, I fell into the latter category.

The theater majors and aspiring professional dancers seemed to immediately follow everything that the instructor demonstrated. The rest of us followed along as well as we could.

I enjoyed the class. It was a welcome change…

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Attraction is obviously an important part of a relationship, but in the long-term, knowing and understanding your partner plays a larger role in the success of your relationship. Getting to know your partner means more than knowing their favorite color or their coffee order.

You probably don’t want to spring too many deep questions on a first date where you’re just getting to know someone else. …

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My first memories of the public library are those of a child sitting on the primary-colored mat flipping through the pages of a book about a talking goose. Even though the selection at our small, rural library was limited, I always left with multiple books.

As an adult, I’ve made a point of getting a library card soon after moving to a new place. Despite being friends with many people who love to read, most of the people that I know seem to rarely or never go to the library. …

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Most years making New Year’s resolutions and planning for the future makes me excited. After the year we had in 2020, it’s difficult to feel any spark in making ambitious goals.

Sure, we’re all hoping for the best in 2021, but most of us are still shaken by the sharp turn that the previous year took.

For many of us, this is not the year to begin an intense pro-athlete workout or try to write 10,000 words a day. …

Are you literally throwing away money?

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According to the USDA, between 30 and 40 percent of all food produced in the United States is wasted. You might think that you personally don’t waste all that much food. Surely, it’s the farms, manufacturing plants, and grocery stores that contribute the most to food waste, right?


Households are the place where the largest percentage of food waste happens. In fact, the average person throws away around $1800 of food each year. While this is just an average, chances are that you are throwing away more food (and money) than you are aware of.

Impacts of Food Waste

Besides the financial impact…

I don’t like winter. I’ve tried to change my mindset about winter. To find joy in the season. I haven’t been successful.

Spring and summer are my favorite time of…

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Every year the debate comes up about which Christmas movie is the best. There are some classics like White Christmas and It’s a Wonderful Life that are always mentioned alongside somewhat newer movies like Love Actually and The Holiday. Then, there are more humorous movies like Elf and Home Alone.

All of these movies are classics, but when it comes to the best Christmas movies, there’s just no way to beat The Muppet Christmas Carol.

1.The source material is well-written. Obviously, Charles Dickens is a celebrated writer for a reason. The serious of the theme juxtaposed with the warmth of…

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