30 Questions for Couples to Ask Each Other

Photo by Nayeli Rosales on Unsplash

Attraction is obviously an important part of a relationship, but in the long-term, knowing and understanding your partner plays a larger role in the success of your relationship. Getting to know your partner means more than knowing their favorite color or their coffee order.

You probably don’t want to spring too many deep questions on a first date where you’re just getting to know someone else. Once you’re planning for a future with someone (or even if you’re already all in), you’ll need to know more about who they are as a person so that you can build a relationship that is as solid as possible.

You need to know all of the fun parts about each other, the music that they secretly listen to, the first movie they remember watching, their college nickname, but couples also need to take time to understand each other’s hopes, fears, and method of moving through life.

Here are some questions to ask each other. You don’t necessarily have to ask them all or if you do, it doesn’t have to be all at once. Some of the issues that the questions bring up are deep, but if you are planning to spend a significant portion of your life with someone else, you will be better off if you take the time to truly know each other.

  1. How would the people who know you describe you?

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